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Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.

Asst. Prof.Yuwatida Sripontan

ผศ.ดร. ยุวธิดา ศรีพลแท่น



- Doctor of Philosophy (Entomology), National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan.

The thesis topic is “The Effect of Plant Growth Promoting Microorganisms (PGPMs) with Different Factors on Plant Performance and SubsequentSpodoptera lituraPerformance”.

- Master of Science (Entomology), Khon Kaen University, Thailand.

The thesis topic is “TheEffectiveness of the Coccinellid Beetle, Serangiumsp. and the Parasitoid, Encarsia sophiaGirault&Dodd on Whitefly,Bemisia tabaci  Gennadius”.

- Bachelor of Science (Agriculture), Khon Kaen University, Thailand.

The senior project is “Effect of Density and Temperature on the Mass Rearing of Rice Moth Corcyra cephalonicaStal”.

Areas of Expertise

Insect Ecology

Plant-Insect Interaction


1. Yuwatida Sripontanand Nutcharee Siri. 2008. The Biology of Predacious Beetle Serangiumsp. on Whitefly Bemisia tabaci. Agricultural Science Journal 37(6):1051-1054. 

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4. Yuwatida Sripontan, Mei-Hua Hung, Chiu-Chung Young, Shaw-Yhi Hwang. 2014. Effect of Plant Growth-Promoting Microorganisms (PGPMs) on Plant Induction Responses and SubsequentSpodoptera lituraPerformance. Journal of Agriculture and Forestry. 63 (3): 143-151.

5. Yuwatida Sripontan, Mei-Hua Hung, Chiu-Chung Young, Shaw-Yhi Hwang. 2014. Effects of Soil Type and Plant Growth Promoting Microorganism on Cabbage and Spodoptera lituraPerformance. Journal of Agriculture and Forestry.63 (3): 153-161.

6. Papitchaya Teawkul, Wei-Ting Chen, Yuwatida Sripontan, Shaw-Yhi Hwang. 2015. Elevated CO2Concentration Promotes Tomato Plant Growth but impairs Spodoptera lituraPerformance. Research & Review: Journal of Zoological Sciences. 3(1): 35-42.

7. Yuwatida Sripontan. 2016. Comparisons on the Development of Cutworm, Spodoptera litura (F) and Diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella L. reared on three Varieties of Cruciferous Plants. Songklanakarin Journal of Plant Science. 3 Suppl. (III): 56-62.

8. Yuwatida Sripontan, Tanutchaporn Juntavimon, Sunisa Songin, Chun-I Chiu. 2017. Egg-trapping of Black Soldier Fly, Hermetia illucens(L.)(Diptera:Stratiomyidae) withVarious Wastes and the Effects of Environmental Factors on Egg-laying. Khon Kaen Agriculture Journal. 45(1): 179-184.

9.  Pamin Timcharoensombut, Chanon BoonsriandYuwatida Sripontan. 2018. Effects of fruit type on larval growth and egg-laying of black soldier fly, Hermetia illucens (L..).Khon Kaen Agriculture Journal. 46 (5): 1001-1008.

Oral and Poster Presentations ​

1. Yuwatida Sripontanand Nutcharee Siri. 2006. The Biology of Predacious Beetle Serangiumsp. on Whitefly Bemisia tabaci. Proceedings of the 6thnational horticulture congress. Horticultural science society of Thailand. Chiang Mai, Thailand. November 7-10, 2006. 

2. Yuwatida Sripontan, Jureerat Rattanatip and Nutcharee Siri. 2007. Influence of Prey Species and Stages on Predation Preferences of Coccinellid Beetle, Serangiumsp. Proceedings of the 8thnational plant protection conference. The Thai phytopathological society. Phitsanulok, Thailand. November 20-22, 2007.

3. Yuwatida Sripontan,Nutcharee Siriand Tasanee Jamjanya.2008. Effectiveness of Predators in reduction of Thrip and Whitefly on Tomato. Proceedings of the 7thnational horticulture congress. Horticultural science society of Thailand. Phitsanulok, Thailand. May 26-29, 2008.  

4. Nutcharee Siri, Tasanee Jamjanya  and Yuwatida Sripontan. 2008. The Predation Efficiency of Coccinellid Beetle, Serangiumsp. on Whitefly, Bemisia tabaci. Proceedings of the national biological control research center academic conferencein 2008, Chiang Mai, Thailand. October 19-22, 2008.

5. Yuwatida Sripontanand Nutcharee Siri. 2009. Morphology of two Whitefly Species and their Parasitoid; Encarsia sophia. Proceedings of the conference of Faculty of Agriculture, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen, Thailand.January 26-27, 2009.  

6. Nutcharee Siri,Yuwatida Sripontanand Jureerat Rattanatip. 2010.  Effectiveness of Green Lacewing; Mallada basalison Controlof Thrip and Aphid in Lettuce and Crucifer. Proceedings of the 9thnational horticulture congress. Horticultural science society of Thailand.Ayutthaya, Thailand. May 11-14, 2010.

7. Yuwatida Sripontanand Shaw-Yhi Hwang. 2012. Effect of Plants Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) and Fertilization on three Brassicaceae Species and Growth Performance of Spodoptera litura. XXIV International Congress of Entomology, Daegu, Korea. August 19-25, 2012.

8. Yuwatida Sripontanand Shaw-Yhi Hwang. 2014.  Jasmonate-Induced Defense in Tomato and Cabbage deter Spodoptera litura(Noctuidae) Growth. The 35thAnnual Meeting of Taiwan Entomological Society, National Taiwan Normal University, Gongguan, Taipei, Taiwan.October 17-18, 2014.

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